Wisdom and Experience Centered Approach

Yasam Ayavefe Education prioritizes wisdom and experience. Our programs enable participants to become wiser and better equipped individuals by drawing on the knowledge and experience they have gained throughout their lives.

Flexible Learning Opportunities

Every individual has a different learning style. Only Education offers flexible learning opportunities and allows participants to learn at their own pace and at their preferred times. We offer online classes, interactive sessions and a learning environment with a wealth of resources.

Focus on Personal Development

Only Education supports participants' personal development. Our programs enable individuals to discover their potential, develop their strengths and address their weaknesses. In this way, participants lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

Expert Trainers and Resources

Only Education is staffed by a team of expert instructors. Our programs draw on exclusive resources to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and practical skills. In this way, participants receive the highest quality education and have experiences that add value to their lives.

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About Us

Our mission is to offer our participants an ongoing journey of learning and development throughout their lives. We believe that at every stage of life, there is an opportunity to learn and grow from every experience. Therefore, we design our training programs to contribute to the personal and professional development of our participants.

yasam Ayavefe Education offers a variety of training programs covering a wide range of topics. Taught by trainers specializing in areas such as personal development, leadership, communication skills, arts and culture, health and well-being, our courses help participants develop their knowledge and skills.

Wisdom and Experience Oriented Approach

Flexibility and Adaptability

Ease of Access to Information

Personal Development Opportunities

Expert Trainers and Support

Experiences that Add Value to Life

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Course Categories


Popular Courses


Web Design & Development Course for Beginners
Arif Arslan 1.49 hrs 30 students


Graphic Design & Development Course for Beginners
Elif Sultan 2.5 hrs 15 Student


Video Design & Development Course for Beginners
Sude Cins 1.00 hrs 42 student
Our Teachers

Consists of Expert Staff

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Arif Arslan
Web Design Teacher
yasam ayavefe
Elif Sultan
Graphic Design Teacher
yasam ayavefe
Ahmet Sulak
Electronic Commerce Teacher
yasam ayavefe
Sude Cins
Video Design Teacher